Sofar Sounds

I have been part of the Sofar Sounds community ever since they launched their chapter in San Francisco in 2012. Sofar Sounds holds intimate concerts all around the world bringing the magic back to live music. They provide an intimate space, usually someone's living room, where musicians can share their music to an attentive audience of music enthusiasts. Volunteers who are very passionate about music help put these shows together. In San Francisco, Sofar started with only one show per month, now there are close to 30 shows per month. I have mostly been involved in producing video content for them here in SF, but a couple of years ago I had the pleasure of launching Sofar Sounds in Vancouver, Canada. It was a great experience that I remember very fondly.


Now back in SF, I am the Production Manager overseeing the production of media content. Sofar offers the musicians a media package of photos of the night and a video featuring one of the songs they performed. I manage a team of photographers, videographers, editors and audio engineers that work together to capture these events. I also work alongside them shooting video/photo and editing the videos.

Feel free to reach out if you're interested in helping out with these events. Sofar is always welcoming new folk into their community!